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This unique overview of a Spiritual Awakening will allow you to get to know the profound concept of the healing energy frequencies described by Eric Pearl, who during his successful chiropractic practice discovered his gift to heal without touching as well as to activate the Reconnective Healing ability in others. The Reconnection is a spiritual awakening that impacts our senses: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

How did I become a practitioner and what is my background?

For many years I have been drawn to self-healing and helping others become aware of the capacity of the human body’s ability to heal itself. My introduction to The Reconnection in 2010 was through Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection”.

What is Reconnective Healing?

Reconnective Healing is different from other healing methods or techniques, precisely because it’s not a method, technique or treatment. What the practitioner does is to find and activate the frequency that allows the flow of energy, light, and information between the universe, practitioner, and you.


“I had been in physical therapy for months to repair a rotator cuff-type injury. You spent several minutes discussing your healing method and applying it to me. I felt an awareness of a power concentrated on my shoulder and I was immediately able to move my right arm freely without pain as I had not done for half a year. I cannot thank you enough.”

- Joan